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BLANK 10. Trifecta
    Oh, man. I felt so bad for Rarity right then. Her house...her place of was fucked. Instead of the glamorous and carefully designed majesty that it held before, there now sat a building with two giant holes blown out from the walls. One of the holes was a very cartoony shape of a stallion, while the other hole was a lot larger and more jagged. Hey, why didn't I make a funny hole like the one Time Warner had made? I just smashed into the wall and blew it out. Maybe it was my shape or something. Weird.
    Rarity wasn't taking it too well. She was pacing back and forth in front of her home, looking up at it every few seconds. After she got an eyeful, she would always shiver and look back down. She had developed a stressed twitch and her mane was now as unkempt as mine usually was when it got longer. Long hair sucks. I hated having to manage it every morning. How did Rarity keep it so...fabulous all of the ti
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BLANK 9. Catching Up
    The scene opened upon a large store-front, surrounded by beings similar to Ryan, but very different at the same time. Some of them were as big as two or three ponies stacked on top of each other, while some were very small and adorable. All of them were mostly hairless, at least from what parts of them were unclothed. The only section that was usually covered in hair was the very top of their heads. These manes varied from creature to creature, with some being a simple blonde color and some being wildly colored. One being even had a head of hair that reminded the two princesses of a prismatic pony they knew quite well. The clothing they wore was very different. It was strange to see some beings wearing very light fabric, while others were adorned with finely tailored business clothes.
    That was another thing that surprised Princess Celestia; every single creature was wearing clothes. The projection had only been on for a few moments and al
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BLANK 8. Mine Pt. 2
"Please get off of me," was all I could think to say to this strange new pony. He had sat there, drooling on my pants for at least a good minute before any of my friends could actually comprehend what was happening. Dash was the first to react.
    "Hey, back off!" she shouted, flying forward and getting into the face of the odd stallion. He blinked awake and stared at Rainbow Dash for a moment before snarling at her. The prismatic pony was slightly surprised by his sudden aggression, but held her ground. What the actual fuck is even going on right now? Should I be prepping for a fight, calling the authorities or protecting my ass? Or all of the above? Through my shocked silence, I became aware of the rest of my new friends gathering around me. It was nice to know they would stand and guard me if need be...but still, what the hell is this guy's problem?
    Rainbow Dash and Applejack took action by wrapping their legs around the chest of the stal
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BLANK 8. Mine Pt. 1
    The morning sun poured in through each of the many castle windows, basking the throne room in its warmth. Adorning each window was a series of stained glass figures, each one depicting a part of Equestria's history. The gleam from the light reflected off of the white marble floor, threatening to blind any who dared look at it for too long. A long red carpet trailed its way along the hallway, leading to a glorious throne of gold. On said throne sat a large alicorn of the purest white. She sat diligently on her perch, taking in every word of the finely dressed unicorn stallion that was speaking to her. A warm smile and an occasional nod was all she offered as the noblepony rattled off his complaint for the day. None of the complaints she got were ever new in the slightest.
    "-and tho, your Highneth, I would thormally requesth that you decree a chanthe in the temperathure that Donut Joe ith allowed to thserve hith coffee ath," stated the unic
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BLANK 7. The Warner Brothers Pt. 2
I was getting really fucking tired of waking up and wishing everything that had happened had been a nightmare. Not the whole dying or pony thing; I was already aware of that. I couldn't really deny my current situation when I had spent multiple days in this new world. Well, I guess it had been my world all along, I had just been unaware of it.
    No, what I wished had been the nightmare was the entire interaction I had last night with Princess Luna. Or was it Sarah? I didn't fucking know anymore. All I knew was that when I woke up, it wasn't peacefully. My eyes shot open and I leapt up, frantically searching around for somewhere to hide. I didn't even know what I was hiding from, but I wanted to be invisible. The room I had been placed in was large but pretty much empty except for a bed and a few dressers. Without any other idea, I jumped off the bed and landed roughly on the crystal floor. I was sure I was making a ruckus, but I didn't care at that point. My body
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BLANK 7. The Warner Brothers Pt. 1
    The train car rattled noisily along the tracks as it barreled forward, its occupants jostled around with every bump, turn or rock it managed to run over. Most of the passengers inside the coaches felt all the motion transferred directly into their bodies, with no way to ease the impact. It wasn't really uncomfortable for them, honestly. It was more of an annoyance that they had learned to live the first time they had ridden with the Friendship Express. The train was rather old and lacked the newer shock improvements of the recent train models. Still, ponies used this train almost religiously. To them, it was a piece of their town's history, and deserved every day of service it could handle before it would eventually be taken out of commission. So, yes, it was a bit rickety and wasn't the most comfortable.
    Except for the first-class car.
    For this trip to Ponyville from Manehattan, the entire luxury car had been book
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BLANK 6. Let's Talk
    Awareness returned to me in an odd fashion. It wasn't like the slow build-up of waking up in the morning. It wasn't like the sudden shock of someone jumping on my bed either. It was...well, it just was. I was aware once again, but I didn't remember falling asleep. I didn't even feel tired at all. My muscles didn't need stretching, my joints were already nice and loose, and my breath smelled fine. The sunlight shining on my face through the window of my cabin didn't even bother me. Hold on...
    I shot up in my bed...and looked around, my eyes taking in all the familiar details. Everything was here. The walls were made of the logs that Sarah and I had cut ourselves. Most of the furniture had been made of wood in order to fit the theme. We had even made a few objects ourselves out of the leftover wood we had. The tiny little wooden trinkets I had made awhile ago still sat on the shelves that lined the walls of the bedroom.
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BLANK 5. Meet and Greet Pt. 2
    Well, can't say that I was surprised with Twilight's reaction when Fluttershy and Rarity brought me back. I think she might have channeled a little bit of Pinkie or something. All I know is that I was very suddenly blinded by a pony latching herself onto my face. Veryfamiliar except for the color; this time my mask was purple. The force of her tackle did send me stumbling back, but I managed to keep myself upright.
    "Holy shit, what the fuck, Twilight?!" I tried to say. Thanks to my new ponyface, the only thing that came out was a series of unintelligent mumbles. Ugh, this again. Somebody, please save me! I don't want to drown in Twilight! Hmm...nah, ew.
    "Twilight, dear, Ryan does need to breathe," Rarity piped up, looking at us with amusement. This seemed to draw the purple pony back into reality. She quickly shuffled down from my head, smiling sheepishly. A spot on her belly was newly wet w
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BLANK 5. Meet and Greet Pt.1
    The Elements had decided that it would be best to give the new resident 'human' the grand tour of the castle while Pinkie Pie left to get things sorted out for the party tonight. Pinkie might have been Ponyville's premiere Super Duper Party Pony, but gathering supplies to support a town's worth of ponies, notifying the ponies themselves, and getting those mopey ponies out of their houses all by sundown was not going to be easy. She would have to travel at double the speed of laughter in order to complete this mission!
    The five other ponies were walking (well, four ponies since Dash chose to fly) together down the lengthy crystal hallway. At first there was silence. Then there was Rainbow Dash.
    "So, what's up with you, y'know, existing?" she asked plainly, flapping along lazily over the group. The other Elements that were present all turned to look up at her with horror.
    "DASH!" scolde
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BLANK 4. This is Happening!
    The first thing that Lyra became aware of as she woke was the sharp pain in her head. The sickeningly white light shining right into her eyes was just making it worse. Slowly, her body woke back up, one limb at a time. She was beginning to understand what a tree might feel like if it decided to hop out of the ground and walk away.
    Her body was bucking stiff. What the hay happened to her? This feeling in her was strange. Wrong.  Something important was missing and she couldn't for the life of her figure out what it was. It didn't feel like something small was gone. It was as if bits and pieces of her entire life so far had just up and vanished.
    Movement to Lyra's right side caught her attention. In her peripheral vision, she could see the top of something with a dark blue-pink mixture. That was familiar. The blob yawned in the voice of her friend Bon-Bon. Oh no, the blob ate Bonnie! S
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BLANK 3. My Biggest Fans
    Twilight sat down next to the foreign being that had been so rudely dumped out onto the floor of her room. Was this really him? Was her Ryan sitting on the floor with her? Wasn't he just dead a moment ago? And imaginary?
    A very hesitant hoof was raised and then lowered again, placing itself upon the human's slowly expanding chest. Twilight's hoof followed his sternum as it lowered, the sound of an exhale leaving Ryan's nose. He...he's alive. His heart is beating. He's breathing. Ryan's okay. The sheer joy that went through the Alicorn was enough to almost cause another surge of magical energy. She had done it! She saved her fictional friend's life! And all it took was for her to...bring him into existence. Um...oh, hay, think about it later. Look at his chest! It's moving!
    Twilight excitedly leaned her head down, pressing the entire left side of her face onto the spot where she could feel his heart beating. She clo
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BLANK 2. Star of the Show
    "Wheeew! What a day!" sighed the pink earth pony happily. Containers of every baking ingredient known to pony kind littered the floor and counters around her. Numerous puddles of milk stained the floor, made pasty by the flour that congealed with them. Frosting of numerous colors painted a mosaic on the counter, telling the story of the possibly thousands of cupcakes and other confectioneries that had been made that day. Any other pony might have fallen from the sheer energy it took to speed around the kitchen at top speed for over twelve hours, doing as many as a dozen different things at the same time. A lesser pony might have even succumbed to the mess and gave themselves over to their new dark overlord, chocolate frosting.
    But not Pinkie Pie. This is what she lived for, creating sweet treats for all the ponies of Ponyville. The smiles that her baked goods brought to her friends' faces could keep her motivated for...well, ever. And tod
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BLANK 1. Slipping Away
    "Say Beep one more time."
    "Pfft! Haheheheh~" I snorted, my hand lifting to cover my mouth in case my laughter started another coughing fit. On the TV screen, I could see Dan's face popping back out after having been punched into itself. Next to me I could feel a soft giggling coming from the warm lump that took up the left side of my hospital bed.
    After my laughter subsided, I looked over fondly at Sarah, who was now leaning gently against me, her eyes closed and a couple mirthful tears running down her face. I smiled a bit, happy to see her laughing this hard again. My eyes narrowed as a mischievous thought popped into my head. My head swiveled so I could better hear my heart monitor beeping lazily in the background. I licked my lips once before grin
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